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More Small Business Expo Events & Bridal/Wedding Vendor Expo Events are coming up. These events are for small businesses, event vendors and crafters who are looking to network, sale, and reach potential clients to offer great work, great service, and provide great package options - trying to make a difference for their small budget-wise clients. For Brides and couples looking for vendors for their special day, future events, etc.. Some of these vendors can help you with that. You can register to come to our future events coming soon.... and that dates start in April 2019. 

So fill out the form below if interested in being a guest or a vendor looking to rent space. There is a fee for vendors to rent table space to the expo, so its nice to register, so updated information will be provided to you soon. 

Raffles may be requested for some of the events.

For vendors: Growing a company and sharing in your ideas and expertise while creating a "one of a kind" item or gift for someone as well as providing a great service can be tough without exposure and spreading the word is even tougher in the world today with all the competition. Let's make this worth while and exciting.. but most of all SUCCESSFUL for all of us!

*Each vendor would be responsible for their own items and table space. J S Photo Unlimited and their staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen or broken items that occur during our events.  You must have someone at your space at all times.

*J S Photo Unlimited and their staff are not responsible for any injuries, or any other causes to you, the guests or any of your items or the guests items during these events.  Nor are we liable for any food or drink consumption from vendors who distribute.  There will be a release form that must be signed at time of registering.

Each vendor will need to fill out a contract and provide deposit to hold their spot within 30 days prior to event! No exceptions.

*Please fill out the registration Application with the appropriate information and click "submit". Add if you will be alone or with an assistant by choosing 1 seat or two seats. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours or less for your non-refundable 50% deposit with contract or full payment once a specific date has been determined; and final payment is expected for spaces, must be paid in full 1 week prior to the event, or your space is forfeited and you lose your deposit. 

** Weather permitted or otherwise will be postponed due to Snow or ice and rescheduled for another date. If you are unable to meet this date, you forfeit your deposit but refund the remainder if either one of us are able to provide someone to replace your space prior to the date. If you or the coordinator finds someone to cover your space, you receive the full payment you made. If for some reason the event is postponed and a new date has been rescheduled and you can not make it or we can not find another vendor to replace your spot because of act of god, or weather, payment is non refundable. If you are unable to show or a "no show" no monies will be refunded and you forfeit your spot for that day.

** By filling out the form below, you agree to the terms and conditions above and do not hold J S Photo Unlimited responsible for anything beyond our control or hold harmless to any illness, injury or broken/stolen items from or during the event.

** All Food vendors with food sampling must provide a copy of their food license as well as sign a "hold harmless" waiver to our company. 

Thank You for all your support and interests in these events! Let's make it Count!

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