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If you would like to schedule a private consult for more information to showcase our premium service, view images and a video/slideshow of "behind the scenes" look at my classic boudoir session and what it entails; Don't forget to fill out the form on the front main page with what you are looking for and if you are interested in seeing other samples of my work, visit my facebook page and request to be added @ click here.

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I can not wait for my "behind the scenes" boudoir videotaping with a couple of great models that have not experienced boudoir just yet! Working with Hair and Makeup artist to get these girls ALL DOLLED UP!

We periodically offer upcoming events to book bridal parties, Girls Night Out, & other gatherings to learn about how Boudoir works. Go to our front page and fill out the form for upcoming events and add a note to specifiy your interests.

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Most Popular FAQs


The benefits of having a boudoir shoot is not only for a special gift to your love, partner or fiance's wedding gift, BUT more importantly "yourself"! 

Step outside your comfort zone and feel beautiful, show your sexxy, fun self in ways you thought you never had, but know you can.  

Reach out to set up a consult to do just that... feel more comfortable behind the scenes and in front of the camera... let's make it as natural as life truly is! 

Take a look below at some of the information I provide for you.

Boudoir Packages

Timeless Captures $175

This is specially for the shy & personal person who would like a private boudoir experience. This session is for 45 minutes. unlimited wardrobe change, online gallery with digital download and print release.

Sexy & Fun Duos $250

This is especially for the two friends who would like a private boudoir experience & feel more comfortable with a close friend to share this with. This session is for 1 1/2 hours. unlimited wardrobe changes, online gallery with digital download and print release. 

Private Partners $300

This is especially for the couple who wishes to have a boudoir experience together and feel more comfortable to share this with. This session is for 1 1/2 hours. unlimited wardrobe changes, online gallery and print release.

PinUp Parties, Bridal Parties

Private Parties start at 150.00 an hour to book a time slot. 

Each event is unique and personal. Many aspects will go into booking these types of coverage, including time frame, guests, & what is needed to make this experience the best!

These are based on a case by case quote to your specifications in designing this event.

Your rate pricing can be generated by information provided about your event and number of guests participating along with the time needed. Each guest will be charged a fee for participating in photo-shooting. Each guest that was photo-shooted will receive their images in a separate private gallery for digital download (unless they choose to purchase a usb flash drive) 

Sexy Provocative Boudoir Shoot

Guidelines & Information

Glamour photography is a sexy, romantic form of photography meant to be erotic without being any type of pornographic imagery. Posing for glamour shots has been common for models and movie stars for years. Because of glamour photography's allure, many advertisements use glamour photography to catch people's eyes and interest.

Posing for Glamour Shots/Boudoir

Posing for glamour photos requires that the model trust and feel comfortable with the photographer. The photographer schedules a couple or several meetings (whatever it takes to communicate to make the model comfortable and stepping out of their comfort zone with the session.) Especially if the person being photographed is not used to modeling. Most people feel self-conscious about many things and possibly silly for some parts of the session. Experienced photographers are considerate, striving to create a trusting, comfortable atmosphere.

Sometimes these photos are for personal use rather than any commercial use. So the audience who may see them are little to none publically. The person posing for these shots may tend to give these to someone special as a present. Others may enjoy posing for these shots to get a taste of being center of a glamorous life. Being center of a photo shoot, made up with alluring clothing, can be rewarding and an enjoyable experience.

Talk with your photographer before posing to discuss what types of poses, dress and attitude you want the resulting photos to contain. To be nastalgic, or mysterious, or a theme you have in mind. Whether you are a plus sized girl (we prefer the word "curvy"), medium sized or thin, a boudoir photo session will make you feel like a million $$$ bucks!!

Even if you already have lots of self-confidence, a boudoir session will increase your confidence tremendously. Not only will makeup artists make you look like a supermodel, but you will feel like one, too!! Nothing will empower you more than our photo sessions. And if you are camera shy, you won't be by the time you get in front of our camera. Our staff is all female and our studio is comfortable, homey and private. 

Our clients get many more beautiful images to choose from mainly, because we have already spent considerable time with you picking out the best poses for your body style. Do you have a few rolls or belly fat? Not a problem for Janice of J S Photo Unlimited. She will position you in a pose that will hide most of those unwanted rolls while at the same time, accentuating your curves.

See for yourself. Meet with the photographer and allow her to show you some samples of the work she has done. Tasteful and erotic! Sexy and Alluring!